Having Upholstery Cleaned Can Save You Money

The comfort of upholstered furniture, whether it is home or office furniture, is something that we often take for granted, but it’s not without cost above and beyond the initial purchase price. The more often furniture is used, the more likely it is to get dirty. Pollen, dust, dander, mold, and other airborne substances regularly find their way to settle on upholstery. Regular vacuuming will do the job for a time, but there comes a time when upholstery stays dirty and looks shabby. This offers a poor impression to anyone who comes into the room.

Dirt contains microscopic jagged edges which slowly deteriorate fabrics. When people sit in furniture, they touch the fabrics and leave residual body oils, sweat, and oftentimes, stains. After these materials work their way into fabrics, dirt clings to them, compounding the problem. This combination of dirt and oil makes the fabric look dull and stained, and can’t be removed with regular vacuuming. In addition, even with regular care, upholstered furniture can accumulate allergens and dust mites, causing an unpleasant reaction in people with sensitivities. Even people who aren’t particularly sensitive will find themselves itching and uncomfortable at some point.

Good upholstery, when dirty, warrants professional attention. It makes sense, after one invests in furniture, to take care of it in order to protect it from further damage and extend its life. 

Professional upholstery cleaning does three things.

First, it gets rid of ingrained dirt and stains, including the oils and other substances to which dirt so tenaciously clings. This eliminates the dull, tied look of the upholstery, and revitalizes the furniture.

Second, professional cleaning eliminates dust mites and other allergens, which cuts down on the effects on allergy suffers and the odors associated with dirty fabric.

Third, professional cleaning increases the life of the upholstered furniture, since cleaning eliminates the dirt which deteriorates the fabric. This extends the life of the furniture, which cuts costs enormously, since cleaning can be done at a fraction of the cost of replacement. 

Furniture is an expensive investment. With the cleaning options available, it’s possible to keep upholstered pieces beautiful and new-looking without having to replace them on a regular basis. People who spend many hours in and around the furniture will appreciate it’s cleanliness and bright appearance. Cleaning also revitalizes the appearance of the entire facility, which makes a better impression on visitors and guests, and creates a welcoming ambiance for everyone.