Mold Damage

Mold growth can begin almost immediately following water damage, within 48 hours. 
Mold spores will float through the air, but never present a problem until moisture conditions cause spores to quickly bloom and spread. Once mold takes hold, it will continue to spread as long as there is moisture. Mold comes in many colors, but toxic mold is not limited to so-called ‘black mold’. Mold of any color is a problem.

What to do after you find or suspect mold:

  • A homeowner who finds mold or even smells mold (it has a distinctive, musty smell) should call our service number immediately at 480-428-0015.
  • Avoid touching the mold.
  • Stay out of affected areas, and take special care with children, elderly, and those with affected immune systems or respiratory issues.
  • Air circulation (fans or HVAC) moves mold into other areas. Do not attempt to dry mold with fans or other devices intended to circulate the air
  • Do not use vinegar, bleach, or other products on the mold.