Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

Your safety is of the utmost importance after a fire event. The first decision that should be made is whether or not it’s safe in the structure. Fire events usually involve large quantities of water, debris, and soot.

Be aware that you or other family members may suffer from stress, anxiety, or shock. Three features of fire and smoke

Things to do after fire damage:

  • Call our service number immediately at 480-428-0015
  • Assess the need for an inventory/photographs. 
  • Avoid contact with damaged fabrics (carpeting, upholstery) to prevent further damage. If there are areas in the home that you must go, make a path with rags, towels, or sheets. 
  • Change the HVAC filter
  • Tape double layers of cheesecloth over registers IF it is safe to do so
  • Empty refrigerator and freezer if the power is off. Use a hand towel or rag to prop doors open
  • Remove pets from the home if there is a chance they might be in danger or spread soot particles.


Things to avoid after fire damage:

  • Electrical hazards. Do not use fixtures, appliances or lights if the ceiling is wet. Water doesn’t always travel straight down from the ceiling.
  • Be careful not to slip or fall on water or debris
  • Do not attempt to clean electronics yourself (TV, DVD player, computers, etc)
  • Avoid cleaning walls, electrical appliances, carpeting, or upholstery
  • Do not use deodorizing sprays in an attempt to cover the smell of smoke.
  • Do not eat food, even canned or other sealed food, that has been near the fire, heat, water.